Ecosystem ecology



  • Biodiversity & ecosystem functioning
  • Conservation planning in boreal ecosystems
  • Biodiversity responses to climate change
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Field-based studies
  • Spatial analyses
  • Data syntheses

Latest news

  • Congrats to Meghan Noonan on completing her MSc thesis "Modelling scenarios for forest conservation through restoration following moose disturbance". Thanks to the examiners for constructive feedback!

  • Congratulation to MSc students Jessican MacSween and Laurent Montagano for publishing some of their thesis research in Oikos and Ecology Letters.

  • Congrats to Sam, Matteo, and Anne on their successful comprehensive exams!

  • Congrats to S. Yalcin - her second thesis paper is published in Global Change Biology "An empirical test of the relative and combined effects of land-cover and climate change on local colonization and extinction".

Word art of our research publication titles - June 2019

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